Fields of activity

Feed Premixes

With a rise in demand for poultry, and essentially importance of health and safety, feed production as the very first step in the long chain of meat production is a challenging task which requires a deep knowledge of latest scientific advancement and market as well. Although there have been difficulties for traders in Iran, being connected to the international vendors allows us to be on the list of suppliers in the Middle East market.
Moreover, based on our long experience in feed production industry, DNP group produces vitamin and mineral premixes, feed concentrates and complete feed for both poultry and livestock.

Meat Production

In order to complete our line of services and make our chain more integrated, DNP group has become active in meat production industry since 2005. DNP group holds the major shares in two cattle farms with annual production of 5100 heads of cattle, one slaughterhouse for cattle (which for live cattle is being imported from India and Pakistan) and one meat packing facility.
In Addition to local production, we are importing frozen and fresh chilled meat (both cattle and sheep) from Brazil, Armenia and Georgia.
Today, due to our innovative approach to the meat market and specialized supply chain which has focused on health and quality, our main purpose is to deliver the best to the customers.

Dairy ingredients

Our intention in DNP group is to provide a variety of dairy ingredient solutions for applications throughout the food industry. Accordingly, DNP group is the representative of some top quality European manufacturers of dairy ingredients. We offer the complete range of products with a different application, from skimmed milk powder to WPC (with different specification) based on market demand and local dairy production status.